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Natural/Orange Wine Event - Mayfair

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Wondering if orange wines are made with oranges? Then you are in the best spot you could ever be! 

MM will take you in the vast, funky and trendy world of the Orange wines and Natural wines, an experience which will change your drinking habit forever.

Join us at:
Mercato Mayfair
St Mark's Church
North Audley Street

28/09/2022, 6pm-8pm


Wine list

  • Buccia Nera Confondo BIO, Ancestral Method 

Grapefruit yellow colour with a beautiful opalescence, with persistent bubbles that frame the point of contact between the wine and the curve of the glass. The nose is characterized by yeast and baking scents and then opens up with citrus fruits of pink grapefruit, mandarin, and flavours of Williams pear, hawthorn, jasmine, sage with mineral finish. On the palate there are very delicate bubbles, which pleasantly massages the entire mouth, and there is a decisive and pleasant citrus freshness, with balanced flavour and good length, and with an aftertaste and finish of citrus and fruit with a long wake of freshness that characterizes the whole tasting.
The presence of bottled yeasts is an additional positive factor for the taste-olfactory part of the tasting.

  • Polo Opuesto, El Otro Lado Torrontes 

Intense orange wine full of tropical fruit flavours, apricots, pithy citrus fruit and dry tannins. 10 months maceration on skins during fermentation with indigenous yeasts before a further 5 months ageing in old French Oak barrels. Bottled without fining, filtration and a small amount of sulphur at bottling.

  • Teliany Kakhuri N.8 

Kakhuri N8 is a blend of 4 Georgian indigenous grape varieties – Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Kisi, harvested in Kakheti, east Georgia. Grapes are exclusively hand selected and only the highest quality, fully ripe grapes are used for production. The wine is made using old Kakhetian traditional winemaking method with skin contact. Fermentation on skins takes place for 7-10 days, once the fermentation is finished the grape skin remain with the wine for 6 months.

  • Animalia, Emiliana

This Orange wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Casablanca Valley in Chile, where the vineyards are strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt Current. The grapes are destemmed and crushed, and left with their skins. 

Golden orange in colour and aromas of ripe stone fruits, figs and dried herbs on the nose. Whereas most Orange wines anonymise varietal, Animalia actually has a grassy Sauvignon tange beneath the Orange structure. 

  • Fuefuki Koshu Gris de Gris, Chateau Mercian

An exceptional expression of Japanese culture, let alone Japanese wine. This gentle wine’s quiet persistence and presence on the palate is a delight. You need to slow down, pop on some noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy its subtle, textural charms. Like sucking a freshly-shucked oyster through pink silk.

Faint reddish orange hue. Sweet and gentle aromas of apricot, candied pear, Darjeeling and old Rose with subtle vanilla notes derived from 8 months in oak barrels. The complex palate from the skins and seeds of the Koshu grape come from gentle skin contact, this creates a three-dimensional feeling in the mouth.