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Kids Wooden Train

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This is a train and also a building block. This toy train has one locomotive and two train boxes. The carriage is made of several blocks of building blocks. Children can do it by themselves or by tearing it apart for fun.

Small trains are divided into three sections, connected by small hooks. Each train has blocks of different shapes, shapes and colors. There are 16 pieces in total. The building blocks are green, color, red, yellow and blue. There are four shapes: rectangle, square, triangle and circle. They can let babies recognize all kinds of colors and understand several basic shapes by putting the building blocks in their corresponding positions. It can also train the baby's hand-eye coordination ability and exercise their wrist flexibility.

Let the baby learn about different geometric shapes and colors and develop baby's ability of analysis and observation. First let the baby drag the train on the ground to play, to stimulate the baby's curiosity. He will disassemble and assemble the small train at will. The locomotive of the small train consists of four rings. A hammer-shaped cross bar and a screw consist of four rings which are removed from the screw. You can take down the front of the car, and let him install it.

Included accessories: 1 locomotive, 2 carriages, 16 shape blocks