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Face Exfoliator and Hair Removal

Retail price $30.00
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82.0 (equiv. $20.50)
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1. Built-in LED light, easy to use. The bright LED light ensures that you won't miss any place when removing peach fluff and exfoliating

2. Includes 6 replacement heads, and the blade includes a ridged safety guard to help protect the skin.

3. Remove dry dead skin and remove peach fluff

4. Carry out professional skin care in your own home

5. Instantly reveal smoother, brighter and younger skin

6. Elegant shape design, professional quality Japanese stainless steel blade

7. The specially designed safety protection device helps prevent scratches and cuts.

Product material: ABS+stainless steel blade

Product size: 16.6*2*2cm

Product color box size: 20.5*11.5*3.5cm

Power supply mode: dry battery

Power mode: electric