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Back Lumbar Massage Stretcher

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Preventive health equipment for the spine, designed to make your back feel relaxed, secure, comfortable and pleasant.
Multi-level adjustment arc, it touches larger range.
Compact and portable design - it can be well placed in the suitcase.
High quality and durable materials.

1. Multi-layered design with 3 adjustable arches. The sliding lever can be lifted, easy to press and lock. You are free to choose different levels through suitable arches, it makes you very comfortable.
2. Ergonomic design. It can be used not only as a back pain stretcher, but also as a posture corrector for all Ab exercise exercises, lumbar support pillow and abdominal pad.
3. You can put it on the sofa or chair, the shape and size can fully support the waist, it is easy to use and better than other complicated equipment.
4. It is a convenient way to easily stretch the whole back, it helps to eliminate the source of pain and restore the natural back flexion.

How to use
1. Use your arms to get up slowly and not stand up suddenly.
2. It is recommended to use 5 to 15 minutes each time. The time and force of stretching is mainly based on the individual's own situation. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a day.

Material: ABS and NBR
Size: 385*255*110mm