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PS4 Gamepad Charging Station

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Material: ABS.

With blue light, automatic power off after full charge.

Product Description:

1. Insert the USB plug of the charging line configured by the product into the PS4 host, or into the USB socket of the computer and other standard DC5V power adapters. Insert the Micro male head of the charging line into the Micro female head of the product charging base, and start to supply power to the product.

2. Install the PS4 handle on the product in an inverted way, and make the Micro interface plug into the charging slot of the product in the correct way to charge it, or charge two PS4 handles at the same time. The charging state of the indicator light of the handle can be mapped in the charging groove of the product. The charging light display of the handle indicates that the product is charging the battery pack.

3. When the PS4 handle is charging, the charging indicator light is blue. The PS4 handle can control the charging state by itself.



1. When PS4 handle is put into charging bracket, please mount it in the correct direction.

2. if you want to clean the charging bracket, please wipe with a dry cloth, do not wipe with chemical solvent.

3. Do not put the charging bracket together with metal objects.

5. Do not place the charging bracket in direct sunlight, high temperature or humid place.


The package includes:

1 x charge

1 charging bracket

1x USB charging cable (19.68in / 0.5m)