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Electronic Massage Pillow

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The Sleep Restoration Massage Pillow uses innovative technology that provides you with gentle warmth and massage to help you unwind!
The design has 4 kneading massage heads that provide in-depth, deep massages that help with muscle fatigue, poor blood circulation, and sore muscles.

KNEADING MASSAGER-HEAD: Back neck massager pillow comes with four kneading massage-heads (balls) inside a thick net. The massage balls mimic the deep kneading massage of a therapist. The combination of warmth and pressure helps to relive the pain as well as relax your muscles. Since this pillow is usually placed on the point of pain, it achieves pain relief within the shortest possible time. This allows you to be fully relaxed after using this pillow.
SAFE TO USE: Lower back massager pillow is also very safe to use because it has its own timer and goes off automatically after 15 minutes. So, even if you doze off, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. It also has a built-in high temperature safeguard that protects it from power surges and hence prolongs its lifespan.
EASY TO USE: Shoulder massager comes with a stretchable strap to hold the product in place while in use, meaning that you can easily position the massager on the location you want to treat and use the strap to hold it in place. It is also very convenient to carry, meaning that if you work late into the night or work night shifts, you can take it along to the office. It is also easy to carry in the car.
TREATMENT MODES: Massage pillow comes with three treatment functions, namely the speeding mode, the reversing mode and the heating mode. Pick the one that suits you and relax.