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Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

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360°rotating head: R-shaped rounded corners do not hurt the nasal cavity
The rotating blade 360° captures long hairs of various lengths in multiple directions, while protecting the skin of the nasal cavity.
One key switch: Trim nose hair smoothly to keep your face fresh and clean at all times.
High-speed rotating cutter head for a quick clean shave.
The bayonet design of the cutter head reduces the noise caused by friction and keeps the rotation speed even and uses more bass.
High-speed motor: The micro-motors with high torque, high speed, and long life are preferred to face the deep cleansing needs of thick nose hairs, so as to ensure the strong output power of the motor.
Waterproof cutter head: Independent cutter head, detachable for washing, one-key rotation can clean the cutter head quickly and worry-free.
1 minute fast charge: In an emergency, it only takes one minute to reconstruct the amount of electricity used once.

Package includes:
1 x Nose hair trimmer
1 x Charging cable
1 x User description