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Pet Treat Trainer

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This product is an interactive toy for your dog or cat. 

It is designed to make your dog smarter by releasing food when it moves. 

It has a bult-in snack channel that will make your pet always interested in it. 

The internal "Labyrinth" resistance of the device, make each snack needs to go through multiple obstacles in order to eventually appear in the pet's mouth, compared to ordinary toys greatly prolong the pet "hunting" difficulty and time.

Adjustable active bezel allows toys to accommodate more sizes of snacks and pet dry food, while controlling the speed and difficulty of food outflows.

The large and rounded upper cover makes it more comfortable to open and avoids damage to toys or pets due to pet gnawing habits.

With three vents at the top, the pet's sensitive nose can easily smell what food he wants to get.

Please press the icon on the product to disassemble the toy, usually you only need to clean the bottom of the parts, so it is very convenient to use!


  • Product Material: ABS + PC + Iron block